Thomas Bainbridge
Biographical Infomation
Homeworld The Ark
Date of Birth 23 April 2293
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'9 1/2
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Personal and Political Information
Affiliation Formerly Ark Systems

Current Oltanis Meritocracy

Occupation Ark Security Operative

Meritocracy Agent

Status Deceased:

Officially MIA (9th February 2321) Unofficially KIA (9th February 2321)

Warning Content Innacurate!
The article contains information that is still being heavily refined and should not be taken a cannon.

Major Thomas Bainbridge was a prestigous commander of an ark security company until the resolution of the Hades Alpha Incident. He had grown dissolusioned by the ark the and resentful of Lt Commander Matthew Meros. While the 2 had originally been friends and vrege had grown between them. On the 2nd of February 2321 he leaked infomation to the Oltanis Meritiocracy leading them to undermime some of the Ark Security defences on the ark. The attack was repelled after a brutal 9 hour seige which led to to 35,234 Meritocracy Fatalities and 3,654 Security Fatalaties. After this attack failed Bainbridge planted infomation that incriminated Meros. Meros (on a operation of his own) and was unaware that he was on trial for treason ws reclled but fled after Major Samuel Godwin contacted him warning him of the conviction.

Bainbridge upon learning confonrted Godwin and convinced him that Meros was a traitor was commisioned to hunt down Meros and bring him to justice. He took Godwin to be his second in command for the operation in the hope of discrediting Godwin.

Meros whos was hiding on Galador IV had come across the Meritocracy staging ground and recovered transmissions of Bainbridge and his connections to the meritocracy. When the security force landed, Bainbridge and Godwin split up and Godwin found Meros first. Upon seeing the transmissions Godwin field commsioned Meros back into Ark Security and declared bainbridge to be a traitor. Upon hearing this Bainbridge contacted the meritocracy forces on the planet to attack. In the ensuring battle Godwin's forces held off the the Meritocracy and Godwin and Meros went off to confront Bainbridge who had gone into the Meritocracy Compound, was eventualy cornered by Godwin and Meros who fought off waves of guards. Standing near the pit containing a meritocracy bioweapon (a varient of the Vestrallans that cretaed a cloud that devoured flesh on contact). Meros and Godwin then after questioning Bainbridge, Fired shots at him (after he went for his gun) knocking him into the pit. With the vestrallans stripping his body to the bone. Officially reported MIA only Godwin and Meros know that Bainbridge is actually dead and why