Nighthawk Squadron
GDI Logo
Biographical Infomation
Homeworld The Ark
Date of Birth {{{dob}}}
Physical Description
Species Humans
Gender Mixed
Height n/a
Hair Colour n/a
Eye Colour n/a
Personal and Political Information
Affiliation Ark Systems
Occupation Gunship support
Status Active

Stationed at Ark

Nighthawk is the callsign of a group of Gunship aces attached to the imfamous Ghost Company, they are lead by Flight Commander Charles McGarn who is known for out of the box airural combat tactics, they are tasked with the transportation and support of Ghost Company.

The individual callsigns for the squadron are; Nighthawk, Nightingale, Nightwatch and Nightlight.

Containing four heavley customised Monarch class gunships Nighthawk are able to respond to and destroy most threats. Instead of the standard missiles used by most Monarch pilots, Nighthawk make use of the prototype Tesla missiles.