Charles Gideon McGarn
GDI Logo
[Placeholder] Insignia of Nighthawk Squadron
Biographical Infomation
Homeworld Verkida, Pállas System
Date of Birth 11th August 2295
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Personal and Political Information
Affiliation Verkidan Republic, Ark Systems Auziliary
Occupation Ark Security, Tactical Response, Special Operation Squadron Commander
Status Alive

Active Officer, Ark Security

Born in August 2295, Wing Commander Charles Gideon McGarn is a officer within the Ark Systems Security Force. Piloting his VTR7 Monach Gunship at the head of Nighthawk Squadron, McGarn offers close support to the infamous Ghost Company led by Commander Samuel Godwin. While being a bit of a maveric when it comes to Ark Systems prodicall McGarn is heavley respected for his unicue insight of a situation aswell as being a trusted friend of James Godwin.Mcgarn is a loyal member of the Ark security force and normaly is very vocal about his beliefs on loyalty to the Ark but as of late he has become sceptic on the MIA status of Major Thomas Bainbridge reported by Commander Godwin. McGarn has a Combat class tec implants.